Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Boys!!

Getting so big, I don't know where all the time goes. Riley can't wait to start school and it is so sad for me!!

New House!!


Yes, I know Iam a slacker!! I guess there will be about a year break in my blog!! Anyway we bought a new house. It is so much nicer than renting. We can do whatever we want to it! The bottom was how it looked when we bought it. Then the process of cleaning it up!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Granny G's surprise birthday!!

We had a surprise birthday party for Granny G and it was alot of fun!! Best part was of course the pinata!! All the kids got a kick out of it. Riley was lovin it!

Meeting my sweets

Oh my sweets does love me!! She now has 4 loves!!

Snack time with cars!!
chillin with daddy

Mama's sweet lil perfect man!!

Happy to go bye-bye

Bath time

oh fresh & clean
Getting better!

much better now that mamas got him!

Not like'n it so much!

The happiest day of Jason's life!!!

Jason finally got what he has been waiting his whole life for... a full stack!!! He said it was the happiest day of his life, even better than when he got married!!!! See I knew where I stand on his list! He had a perma smile for a month since he got this.

Sweet lil naked boy!!

oh so sweet!!

Riley likes to sit his chair next to Halen and push him in his swing like dad does to him!! So cute!

We love Gram!!

Just hangin with Gram!!

More luvin on bro!!!

Ri just can't get enough of Halen!!

Playin Ball!!

Jason had put a ball in the garage so I wouldn't hit his tool box (which it was probably for him cuz I would never do that!!) but, Riley loved it!! He would pitch the ball to dad and try to catch it then it was his turn to hit & made dad try and catch his!! He kept sayin "watch, watch, pease??"

Happy 2nd Birthday Ri-Ri!!!!

Since we had Riley's birthday party ealry I made him a cake & we celebrated again with mom and bro there this time on the 1st!! He loved having another cake to dip his fingers in the icing!!

Halen 2 weeks old

He has already grown so much & I'm such a slacker at getting these posted!!! I'll try & keep ya updated!!!
Riley gets quite the kick out of "honkin" bro's nose!!!!